Vinyl Sweat Suit - VS4

1,950.00 ฿ THB
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Color: Black/Blue
Size: M
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The Stylish Vinyl Sweatsuit is perfect for both street runs and gym exercises, especially during weight loss journeys. Running jacket look-alike is designed to elevate your body temperature and encourage perspiration. Crafted entirely from 100% coated polyester, this suit is built to last.

Engineered to optimize perspiration potential, this suit, constructed entirely from coated polyester, aids in improving heat acclimation and boosting cardiovascular fitness during your exercise routines.

Embrace its versatility for various activities such as brisk walks, invigorating jogs, and dynamic rope jumping. This body-heat-trapping activewear can up the intensity of your exercise, making every movement count.

WARNING: Avoid running under hot weather and stay hydrated during exercise.