"Hanuman" Fairtex Pro Long Sleeves Rashguard

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Color: White
Size: S
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He is famous for his martial arts superpower, including magical power of fours faces and eights arms and the ability to turn the sky dark with full of stars and moon by yawning.

He has white hair, crystal fangs and wear the earrings. This Fairtex's special design found on the sleeve represents Hanuman symbol based on the Ramakien story. The stars and moon are decorated on the other sleeve, along with an applicable poem.

A three-bladed dagger, the so-called “short trident”, a weapon of Hanuman, is also printed on the back of the shirt.

The skin-tight outfit is made in white with long sleeves and suitable for Mixed Martial Arts or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It will protect the fighter from bacteria on the floor and prevent scratching on the skin and help avoiding direct contact with an opponent's skin or sweat.

This premium set is made of 80% polyester fabric, 20% spandex and fantastic at regulating heat with a non-absorbent hydrophobic property.