Fairtex X ALMA BJJ Gi

9,900.00 ฿ THB
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Color: White
Size Gi: A0
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BJJ5: Fairtex X Alma Brazilian Jiu Jitsu GI

Conceptual design
“Be Like water”
is the defining concept of (Bruce Lee) who has dedicated his whole life for Martial Arts.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the Gentle art and embodies the concept of being like water flowing, formless and always adapting to situations and environment, flexible in movement, filling in the gaps and intuitive; it's strength is in its formlessness.
We want to emphasize the philosophy of jiu jitsu and the concept of being like water expressed in the details of the artwork
depicted by the exquisite embroidery and water flowing and in this Premium Diamond weave Gi crafted in Japan.

This cobranding project between Fairtex and Alma is the embodiment of different concepts, an expression of Thai and Japanese art in the form of water flow in this unique and high quality Gi.

DIAMOND WEAVE or diamond pattern Sashiko weave fabric is widely used in judo and is not new in the market. It is mostly used for the skirt part of the judo gi but can be made into a BJJ gi. The lightweight but sturdy plain weave or twill weave is combined with diamond pattern in Sashiko weave. Sashiko yarn direction is horizontal which makes the fabric stronger to withstand the stretching and pulling. The fabric feels light and airy, and is comfortable on skin. It has a unique textured look that should become popular in jiu-jitsu because of its affordability and availability.