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Fairtex Partners With Muay Thai Grand Prix

Fairtex Partners With Muay Thai Grand Prix

Fairtex has partnered with Muay Thai Grand Prix. Equipment and cobranded merchandise will be created for the high caliber show. The partnership will begin in April of 2022 and will extend onwards in a multi year contract.

“Fairtex is one of the most famous combat sports brands around the world, which is why MTGP feels it’s so important to associate with the very best brands,” CEO of Muay Thai Grand Prix, Simon Jays said.

The UK promotion has put together shows for the past 6 years. The main events are at the iconic Indigo O2 Arena in London. The modern entertainment venue boasts state of the art sound and lighting in the country’s capital.

MTGP hosts top talent from the UK and around the world. Fighters such as Liam Harrison, Charlie Peters, John Wayne, Damien Trainor, Daniel McGowan, Iman Barlow, Paul Karpowicz, John Shink, Saemapetch Fairtex, Elias Mahmoudi, and more have graced the stage.

Natural growth has led MTGP to expand. Events under the MTGP banner have occurred in Australia, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, and America.

“In the UK there are a couple of major shows. Cage Warriors is dominant for MMA and Muay Thai Grand Prix is the best Muay Thai show for the UK. So we decided to sponsor them,” Chano Nurmakin CEO of Fairtex said.

A strong network of promotions has developed. ONE Championship, also sponsored by Fairtex, has partnered with MTGP. This allows elite level fighters from the UK to fight on the large Asian show.

Fairtex Training Center athletes, like Saemapetch Fairtex, will continue to fight on Muay Thai Grand Prix as well.

The future of collaboration is bright. Cobranded merchandise will appear as Fairtex aims to take over the strong UK Market.

“We are so excited for the future and having the brand association with Fairtex is a massive honor for MTGP. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership,” Simon Jays said.

With Muay Thai Grand Prix leading the way, the future looks very successful.

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